Following are some of the publications that are available with KCC:

  1. Children’s Bible in Kuki (2016) - Published by Bible Society of India
  2. Children Bible School lessons (2017)
  3. Hinkho leh Phat Kikhel – By T Lunkim
  4. Niseh Pathen Koma Taona (January – December) – By T Lunkim
  5. Pathen Kitepna Hingjing (Pilhing Sunday School Simmun) – KCC
  6. Jesu Christa Nungjuidinga Kigotna – KCC
  7. A Brief History of Kuki Christian Church Mission – Tongkhojang Lunkim
  8. Solcha Paul Hinkho leh Alekha Thoto – Ho – By Dr. Tongkhojang Lunkim
  9. Pathen Thupeh nitlou thina Chuleh Pathen Thupeh nit hinna – T Lunkim
  10. Revisiting Paul and his teaching in Kuki – Compile by H Khongsai
  11. Pathen Lekhabu Theng – Published by Bible Society of India
  12. Christa Houbung La  (Tonic Solfa and Non-Tonic Solfa) – Published by KCC
  13. La Thah Bu – Published by KCC
  14. Bible le Kukite Khangkho – By T Lunkim
  15. E Bible Old Testament    New Testament
  16. E Houbung La Click to view
  17. E Lathah Bu Click to view
  18. E Lachom Click to view


For more information on acquiring these publications and many more, do contact the office.